SkyUp Airlines will operate a number of special commercial flights

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SkyUp Airlines will operate a number of special commercial flights


SkyUp Airlines will launch a series of special commercial flights to allow Ukrainians from different countries to return home.

What are these flights?

For several days, starting March 20, 2020, SkyUp Airlines will operate a number of non-scheduled commercial special flights. They will provide an opportunity for Ukrainians and foreigners with a residence permit in Ukraine to return home from abroad.

How is the flight schedule organized?

The flights will be carried out in agreement with the state institutions - the State Aviation Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Cabinet of Ministers.

At what rates will flights be operated?

In each of the directions, a single preferential tariff is fixed. The cost of the ticket includes transportation of one piece of checked baggage up to 23 kg.

Who can use these flights?

These flights can be used by Ukrainian citizens and foreigners who have a residence permit in Ukraine who have not managed to return to Ukraine before the official termination of the air service. Flights from Kiev will be operated without passengers except for flights to Prague, Tbilisi and Paris (Beauvais). These three flights can be purchased by foreigners. To the attention of foreign citizens who wish to use flights exclusively with departure from Kiev. Extended list: Larnaca, Zurich, Berlin, Madrid, Naples

What is the reason for SkyUp Airlines special flights?

We organize flights to export Ukrainian citizens from abroad with our own resources. Ticket prices are set at the lowest rate that an airline can apply to offset the cost of operating flights.

What safety measures are being taken on special flights from Europe: what happens to the crew, the plane and the passengers?

  • Crew. The crew is provided with protective masks, gloves and disinfectants. Team members do not leave the plane in the quarantine area, so there is no reason for them to self-isolate.
  • Plane. According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, preventive disinfection is carried out after the completion of all flights on board. After such treatment, the aircraft is ventilated and its general cleaning is performed.
  • Passengers. During the flight, passengers fill out questionnaires: answer questions about their location, leave their contacts - name, surname, telephone number and address.

After arriving to Ukraine at the airport, passengers are subjected to a temperature screening and medical examination. For information regarding other safety measures taken with regard to passengers upon arrival in Ukraine, please contact the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

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