Insurance Services

Insurance for trips abroad

Insurance company "KIY AVIA Garant" offers quality and affordable health insurance tourists traveling abroad. Years of experience, timely payments and protection in any part of the world.

   Insurance company "Kiy Avia Garant", which works in the insurance market of Ukraine 16 years, an opportunity to get a comprehensive insurance coverage while abroad.

  • The contract of voluntary medical insurance traveling abroad

Contract with the insurance company "Kiy Avia Garant" will provide customers cover possible medical expenses in the host country.

Searching for a profile of doctor, choice of medical institution of settlement with payment assistance will assume - a company that on contract with the insurance company will be engaged in addressing the problems of the insured person.

Their services provide assistance around the clock and ensures complete privacy on the treatment and health of the insured person.

Depending on the specifics of the trip, the customer of the insurance company "Kiy Avia Garant" may include the policyholder different insurance risks: the possibility of an emergency visit relatives, dental services, transfer of children in the event of long-term hospitalization.

Planning for active recreation or extreme sports - skiing, rafting, diving, etc.? Recommended necessarily draw extended coverage to the relevant sports. It increases the probability of an insured event!

  • The insurance contract luggage while traveling

You have the opportunity to conclude an Agreement of voluntary insurance of baggage on the trip. And the cost of baggage you can choose yourself. In case of damage or loss of luggage baggage insurance company "Kiy Avia Garant" will reimburse the cost, and you will not have to wait for compensation from the airline carrier.​

  • The insurance contract of airline bankruptcy

Recently, the actual problem is the bankruptcy of airlines. You can pre-plan your trip, buy tickets in the right direction, hope for a long-awaited vacation, but remain in despair from the inability to travel. To prevent this situation, the insurance company "Kiy Avia Garant" and recommended to insure this risk.


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